Akmal - Sydney Comedy Festival Gala 2010 : египетские ночи

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Akmal — Sydney Comedy Festival Gala 2010

Akmal at the Sydney Comedy Festival’s 2010 Gala at Enmore Theatre

Знаете ли ВЫ «египетские ночи» — мы опубликовали свежайший on line ролик «Akmal — Sydney Comedy Festival Gala 2010».В этом красивейшем ролике с оценкой зрителей больше чем четыре балла вы точно узнаете египетские ночи.


  • So? true! 😛
  • this распродажи в эмиратах«>guy insulted islam . just leave muslims? alone!
  • what you just wrote is the exact opposite of tolerance. though i do believe jokes about certain religions and races are meant to be taken as humour? not as insult
  • Love? this guy!!!
  • But? it’s funny……
  • who are? you
  • Aussie? Jesus. FTW
  • correct that’s? why he can still have a sense of humor.
  • he also insulted Christians? why aren’t we getting pissed off have some tolerance I? say..
  • Tolerance my friend tolerance..?