Bangles - Manic Monday (1986) PIttsburgh, PA : египетские ночи

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Bangles — Manic Monday (1986) PIttsburgh, PA

The Bangles Syria Mosque Arena Pittsburgh, PA December 13th, 1986

Многие интересуются информацией «египетские ночи» — мы опубликовали восхитительный ролик онлайн «Bangles — Manic Monday (1986) PIttsburgh, PA».В отличном видео-онлайн с оценкой больше чем четыре балла вы точно поймете египетские ночи.


  • Hey man it’s all about the music? (or is n’t??)
  • i know ..i know…red bull was developped in 1987.. just a comment? that they were in pretty good shape for the show
  • The Hoffs is so busy giving her tic tac darting flirtatious glances from? beneath her hair that she can barely can get her guitar chords straight:)
  • I bet you they all have nice bushes, unlike all the fuzz muff around today.?
  • The bassist is goth? shes the hottiest!!!
  • That Drummer Looks? Like a Horse.
  • They actually looked boared? out of there skulls in this video.
  • I? agree… wow she was smokin hot … 🙂
  • that’s? too funny…