Bangles - Walk Like An Egyptian (1986) PIttsburgh, PA : египетские танцы

Опубликовано: 20/05/2009
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Bangles — Walk Like An Egyptian (1986) PIttsburgh, PA

The Bangles Syria Mosque Arena Pittsburgh, PA December 13th, 1986

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  • hey? now sing too and many are cute
  • Your comment is like a condensed Walk Like an? Egyptian Wiki. LOL
  • Est?pido? camarografo!…por que no muestra el rostro de Susanna Hoffs en la parte que canta «Walk like an egyptian».
  • It is? a drum machine.
  • Why not walk like man and women of God, not like an egyptian, amen? And walk in love, walk as Jesus Christ walked amen? He is? the way, the truth and the life, no one распродажи в эмиратах«>comes to the Father, but by him
  • Ditto, she makes my? heart go pitter patter
  • Ah que epoca…la mejor? de todas.
  • Bellisimas!?
  • quite agree.

    this track is on? my faces list.

  • tiempos aquellos lo mejor? de lo mejor
  • I was living in England when this came out, in the 5th grade…? 😀
  • I love Micael? Stleelee.
  • They are cool? and there music is good