Egypt : Mystery Of The Rosetta Stone 1/8 : египет bbc

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Egypt : Mystery Of The Rosetta Stone 1/8

the series EGYPT 5 of 6

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  • did? you know the Egyptians played children’s card арабская одежда фото«>games.
  • Rosetta doesnt work? for me!!!!!!!!!!
  • the BBC has the best documentaries!! thank you for upoading?
  • how do i acquire a license to use a portion of? this narration in a song?
  • They hate to admit it was blks who made ancient egypt. They try to give it to the arabs but when that fails they say? it was the aliens
  • Was it called rosetta or rashid ? in 1799?
  • «I used? to be a duelist like you, but then I took a card game to the motor cycle.» 😛
  • A country invaded Egypt. Then they lost it.?
  • this is? extreamly helpful
  • Just stopped? in to see what condition my chicken was in.
  • 7agr rashid? ?
  • nefer ouret medou? netcher.
  • a very good?
  • i misspelled that? tehe
  • wat the heck some one wrote that wow that wasnt me? some one haked into my computer
  • Its a man who deciphered it. Not a country. ?
  • Harrison? 😀