Gwen Stefani - Luxurious live @ Billboard Awards 2005 : египетские ночи

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Gwen Stefani — Luxurious live @ Billboard Awards 2005

6 December 2005 Gwen Stefani featuring Slim Thug — Luxurious live @ Billboard Awards 2005

В интернете ейчас очень популярна тема «египетские ночи» — мы опубликовали самый интересный ролик on-line «Gwen Stefani — Luxurious live @ Billboard Awards 2005».В этом интересном видео с оценкой зрителей более чем четыре балла вы поймете египетские ночи.


  • How does Gavin Feels bout Slim? Thug touchin her hip and grindin? LOL
  • MAN LOOK AT HER? LEGS !!!!!!!!!!
  • All true. Originally Isley? Brothers — Between the Sheets. Andre Nickatina song is funny. The lyrics makes you feel as if you were in the same room lol
  • Damn Slim.? My Baby.
  • slim thugggaaaaaa?
  • she has the hottest? legs!!
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  • Jealous?? :O
  • whoa!!!!! he was stareing at? her ass hard!!! oh snapz!!
  • she got no ass tho?
  • haha i love her so much!!! dont be shi slim thug!!! haha?
  • hace exactamente 4? a?os
  • Omg I love? her!
  • wowww флаги арабских стран мира«>she has this frida kahlo look in this? vid ..coool=] wow nice ass legsss