Gwen Stefani - Luxurious (Live on Tour) : египетские ночи

Когда опубликовано: 07/03/2008
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Gwen Stefani — Luxurious (Live on Tour)

Luxurios live on Harajuku Lovers Tour

Пользователи сайта часто спрашивают «египетские ночи» : мы представляем ролик видео «Gwen Stefani — Luxurious (Live on Tour)».В этом классном видео с оценкой больше чем четыре балла вы точно узнаете египетские ночи.


  • absolutely? magical. thats all i have to say.
  • Thanks for video!. UI love it!. Hope to here from you soon agan!? Hugh! here from Sweden/Scandinavia/jo67qq.
  • More? Like King Lol JOKING
  • oh common!! пляжи дубая фото«>big poppa and this song sample Between the sheets? by the Isley brothers !!
  • Gaga is the Queen 🙂 but Gwen is good? as well
  • who?s? lady gaga?
  • By this Song is her Voice? soooooooo SEXY !
    Chilsong.. smoking 😀
  • This is such? a jam and GAD is so sexy at the end. Love it…
  • Do not make me laugh? 🙂
  • Her face looks? like Kate Winslet !
  • i?gwen UR? the best…..
  • gwen is definitely different. she’s a real artist. she can sing different genres of music. whether pop, alternative, mellow? or rnb, she can definitely kill it.
  • Queen?? STUPID!? the Queen is Madona!
  • I just love the participation of? the bassist in this song. she’s awesome.
  • I? sent you a private message 😉
  • This song is good for? slow sex .