Kidumbak + "African Belly Dance" (Part 1) : египет танца

Опубликовано: 20/10/2007
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Kidumbak + «African Belly Dance» (Part 1)

Culture Musical Club of арабский флаг«>Zanzibar (Tanzania) performing in Seattle 11/16/2006

Если Вы интересуетесь «египет танца» — мы представляем красивейший видео ролик «Kidumbak + «African Belly Dance» (Part 1)».В этом отличном online-видео с оценкой зрителей больше чем четыре балла вы поймете египет танца.


  • Too true.

    It’s also strange? that people continue to refer to Africa as if it were a country. We don’t say European Bagpipes, fries, or kilts?

    Do we?

    But when it’s Africa it’s one big black mass of contiguous culture unless it’s Egyptian, of course.

  • La beaut?; c’est lafrique quel continent quelles poupulation.? L’originalit?, la spontani?t?. C’est mon continent, je l’aime.
  • but with all of the peopl and cultures that got it from Africa First…
    How many dance? and sin at the same Time! Do y’thang!
  • TELL HIM!.. plz, this is a lesson to all.. Africa is Africa and let it be Africa.. Don’t try to separate it or create divisions among the poeople!.. God Bless the most diverse continent in? the world! 🙂
  • I love the music an the way? they play those violins.
  • mwanangu? hichi kidumbaki mara waazirika mtu mzima
  • This? is the root and origin of belly dancing.
  • mawhata potatta dhijerba ninga poopoo jalaga malaga? kerplunk !!!
  • mwanangu hichi kidumbaki mara waazirika mtu mzima?