Lady Gaga - Retro, Dance, Freak Lyrics : египет танца

Опубликовано: 03/04/2010
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Lady Gaga — Retro, флаг оаэ«>Dance, Freak Lyrics

Was bored so me and my sister decided to make a vid to youtube 😀

Вы хотели узнать «египет танца» : мы выложили забавный видео ролик «Lady Gaga — Retro, Dance, Freak Lyrics».В суперском видеоролике с оценкой зрителей больше чем четыре балла вы поймете египет танца.


  • Yeah is gaga 😉 this song is in her Deluxe album from The fame? monster.
  • Best song <3?
  • i love it? (;
  • This sounds more? like Stefani rather? that Gaga
  • I know it? is now i posted that a year ago. lol I’m MUCH more of a monster than i was a year ago.
  • not on the uk version sadly. I had to use ilivid? and foxtab to get the song! 🙁
  • Oh sorry that was like a year ago and i was still getting to know? gaga but yea this is gaga and yea i do now 😀
  • artpop is coming
  • Are you fu*king kidding me?!? Ok, you don’t have «The fame monster» CD!?
  • This reminds me of very early? Stacey Q.
    If you like this, check out «SSQ» seriously, you will not be dissapointed!
  • this is the best song she made?