Lord of the Dance - Strings of Fire HD : египет танца

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Lord of the Dance — Strings of Fire HD

Lord of the Dance live at The Point Theatre in Dublin on July 2, 1996 / Strings of Fire by M?ir?ad Nesbitt and Cora Smyth

обстановка в тунисе на сегодняшний день«>Если Вам нужна информация «египет танца» — сегодня мы разместили отличнейший on line видео ролик «Lord of the Dance — Strings of Fire HD».В видео-online с оценкой более чем четыре * вы точно поймете египет танца.


  • This reminds me of the River Dance, I? almost rolled off while walking out of the theatre
  • not only? very pretty, but full of talent…
  • agreed :)?
  • Magical… :)?
  • Yes, well? said!
  • This is the proof that playing a violin? isnt lame or stupid ^^
  • you? need a proof???^^
  • Hey i love this video they both do nice work and btw anyone notice that the one on the lefts bowstrings start to come off near the end??
  • fakt? bo??!!!!!!!!!!
  • best? ever
  • god i wish? i was musical — dohhh