Tomb Raider: Anniversary Walkthrough - Egypt 9/9 : египет танца

Опубликовано: 07/01/2009
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Tomb Raider: Anniversary Walkthrough — Egypt 9/9

Egypt 9/9. TRA full walkthrough. Includes all artifacts and relics.

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  • almost monsters in this game love to make? cupple,haha so strange , maybe 1 male- 1 female
  • same for the kid=did u see that kold that was all me!?
  • No, I don’t.?
  • 1:57
    It’s? Marky Mark!
  • The textures(outfit)? Did? you mod THAT?
  • According to me Prince of Persia looks like TRA. lol?
  • if tihocan and qualopec froze natla how did she come back thats the only part i dont get and how she has larson kold? and mini G
  • and its very? well possible!
  • According to me TRA? looks like Prince of Persia 🙂
  • hey please how can? i wear this black t-shirt??……
  • yeah.. he didnt shoot lara.. if he did she’ll be a piece of meat by now?
  • Lara? Kicks Ass
  • Next time you fire up the game let the intro? video play and you’ll get it. 😉
  • At 3:47 Lara throws the? grappling it took 3 seconds to reach the обстановка в тунисе«>boat, she’s a supa swimmar haha
  • Lara’s boobs are very? big in your video, sexy
  • wait , you modded? her eyes green NOOO THERE BROWN
  • Oye me podrias decir como completar el contrarreloj? del juego