Michael Jackson - TUNISIA !!! Tunis-Concert. - тунис

Дата: 19.04.2008
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Michael Jackson — TUNISIA !!! Tunis-Concert.

Michael Jackson Included Tunisia in His HISTORY world tour. It was one of the first Concerts he gave for this Tour. Tunis,7 Th October 1996.

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  • the Tunisia concert is? today on nessma tv starts at 8 pm GMT….frequency 12207 nilesat
  • we want justin bieber? in tunisiea!!
  • charlieiscool1000 STFU we обстановка в Египтте для туристов»>muslims love? him!!!
  • Tunesiaaaaaa gr Netherland?
  • I was there in that concert? unforgettable moments
  • hhhhhh te7lem justin bieber thana tawa fi tounees walina nesta9eblou ken fil? 9ardhaoui w wajdi ghnim
  • they? don’t care about us

    but This is not it.
    Mike, please come? back soon. Waiting for the BAM’s day…

  • R.I.P from? заливы африки на карте«>Morocco
  • 0:33? < три !!
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